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Meet Karla Paulina Vargas Godinez

Karla Paulina Vargas Godinez

Senior Program Manager / Head of department

Years with GPV
5 years

Business unit
Program Management, GPV Electronics MX

Program Management

What do I do?
I have had the opportunity to be part of GPV since 2017 – the year when the operation at GPV Mexico started

Together with my team, I am responsible for our clients, ensuring that we are covering their requirements, always coordinating with the areas involved and under the objectives and guidelines of GPV. I have also been involved in intercompany transfer and start-ups of new projects, follow up on new RFQ, etc.

What is special about working with GPV?
What I like is that GPV promotes a healthy and positive environment by having clear values and goals. I really enjoy working with my colleagues. There are always new challenges that allow me to continue learning and putting my knowledge into practice

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