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Cable Assemblies

Cable-Harness Assembly

Reliable cable connections from simple cable assemblies to complex wire-harness.

Reliable cable assemblies are vital for modern devices to function – in general electronic products as well as in integrated systems intended for extreme environments. GPV has more than 40 years of experience as a cable assemblies and cable-harness manufacturer. Our first cable manufacturing site was established in Austria in 1979.

Our machinery at the GPV manufacturing sites in Austria and Slovakia includes fully automatic cutting and stripping machines, crimping machines with crimping force monitoring, cable harness winding machines and ultrasonic welding equipment.

Cable Assemblies

Wide-ranging capability in wiring harnesses

Our customers‘ diverse requirements for example special vehicle construction, agricultural vehicles or even aerospace, can all be expertly covered by our subsidiaries. The product range covers products from simple cable assemblies to complex wire harnesses, entire motor-cabling solutions, control units, and plug-and-play modules.

Our IPC-620 certification combined with our wide-ranging capability in wiring harnesses enables us to deliver:

Batch sizes from 1 to 300,000 pieces per year
Dimensioning from 1-1,000 braids per strand
Dimensions from 5 centimetres (1.96 in) to 50 metres (54.68 yards)
Complex cable assemblies and testing

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