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GPV offers full-scale EMS services in China, with two production sites and two procurement offices serving the entire global GPV network. GPV electronics manufacturing sites in Beijing and Suzhou provide medium- to high-volume manufacturing, along with extensive engineering, testing and design services for both Chinese and global customers.

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GPV Electronics CN (B)

Situated in the Chinese capital region, the site offers High-mix / Low-volume electronics manufacturing, as well as extensive engineering services.

GPV Beijing Ltd.
Building No.7, Jin Tian Heng Ye Industrial Park
No.28 Jing Hai 2nd Road
BDA, Beijing 100023

Tel: +86 10 6789 2929
Fax: +86 10 6789 2327

GPV Electronics CN (S)

With convenient location in one of the main industrial hubs in China, the site offers medium- to high-volume electronics manufacturing, along with supporting engineering services.

GPV Suzhou Ltd.
#7 building
Xin Hang Industrial Park
Huangpujiang Rd
New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone
215500 Changshu

Tel: +86 512 5290 0668
Fax: +86 512 5290 6830

GPV Procurement CN (Z)

gpv procurement china, office building

To benefit from the largest component market worldwide, our procurement hub is located in the centre of the pearl river delta in China. From there, as part of our Group Sourcing department, the hub supports GPV Group in sourcing, supplier audits and component engineering.

The procurement hub specialises in sourcing and procurement, price negotiations and benchmarking, component research and engineering, logistics coordination and optimisation, supplier development, audit, and management as well as quality inspection and quality complaint handling. There are 19 employees at the office.

GPV Zhongshan Co., Ltd.
No.6, Maonan Road, South China Modern
Traditional Chinese Medicine City, Nanlang
528451 Zhongshan, Guangdong, China

Tel: +86 760 2375 2700
Fax: +86 760 2375 2750

Jane Liu
Jane Liu Electronics MY / CN +86 137 0123 9721

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