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Taking responsibility for the environment

We work strategically with sustainability to the benefit of both planet and profits; supporting our customers’ ambitions all the way.

How we drive down emissions

We are launching an ambitious effort to reduce GHG emissions, setting an intermediate target to reduce emission intensity by 70% by 2028 (scopes 1+2) from a 2020 baseline. This, among other environmental initiatives, is in clear line with a decade of dedicated energy optimisations to reduce our energy consumption.

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Solar powered sites

We work on installing solar panel systems at a number of our production units. The solar panel project include our factories in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and China. Due to a combination of business volume and local emission factors, the Asian units are among the largest contributors to our overall GHG emissions. All four installations are scheduled for completion in the course of 2024. In 2022, our production unit in Switzerland installed a solar panel plant.

We expect the solar panel systems to help reduce future GHG emissions by a substantial margin. In addition, the savings to be achieved are expected to outweigh the investments.

Energy savings pay off

With the merger of GPV and Enics in October 2022, another seven production sites were added to GPV’s total production setup. Naturally, the combination has had a significant impact on both energy consumption and GHG emissions. Simultaneously, rising energy prices have further increased the company’s focus on energy efficiency and energy savings. Our energy-centric initiatives include internal energy audits, an energy awareness campaign, replacement of compressors and installation of energy-saving lighting.

More comprehensive environmental agenda

We work strategically with sustainability and have initiated a process to map possibilities and environmental initiatives that will form the foundation for achieving the objectives of our climate and environmental efforts.

Our main focus is on managing and minimising waste in production and continually working on compliance with conflict minerals legislation and European chemicals legislation, the so-called REACH and RoHS regulations as well as other relevant legislation.

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