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Comprehensive high-precision EMS mechanical solutions covering every stage up to assembly and testing.

GPV’s in-house mechanics facilities in Europe and Asia give our customers the opportunity of ordering customised mechanical housings for their EMS products. Choosing GPV as a One-Stop partner for EMS solutions, our customers gain access to a large variety of electronics manufacturing services, meeting demands in many different industries and purposes.


High-quality mechanical solutions

From sheet-metal treatment for the housings required by our electronics customers to mechanics for robotics and the heavy machine industry, GPV manufactures and assembles mechanical solutions according to your requirements, including:

High precision machining (Turning, Milling)
Fine sheet metal products (Laser, Punching, Bending, Welding, Stamping)
Certified welding (EN 15085)
Surface treatment, wet- & powder painting, silkscreen printing
Final Assemblies and Box-build for the EMS industry

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Morten Skaarup
Morten Skaarup Mechanics DK +45 2224 1913
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