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Securing our future, supporting the climate roadmap, yes, we do

CleanTech has been a fast-growing market segment for years now and has become a unique industry and important in itself. We focus on energy saving and energy management through smart energy solutions or communication within smart grids.

Let us help you drive your building control and energy efficiency management. Even when your high-power applications need to be safely developed, enabling you to create a solid future in wind-, hydro-, water- or solar power. Test our application design experience when you talk robustness, withstanding harsh environment conditions etc.


Your EMS partner in energy efficiency management

At GPV, we use our extensive skill set, experience in electronics manufacturing, and insight to manufacture stable and robust EMS solutions for energy efficiency. Products that can withstand wear, exposure, and long-life use, often in harsh environments with high risk of corrosion etc. This imposes strong demand for workmanship, choice of materials and components as well as life cycle analysis.

To this end, we increase our knowledge and skills through active involvement in the CleanTech industry today, and we will intensify our engagement by active co-operation with customers and by the implementation of products and EMS solutions in the years to come.

CleanTech covers power and utility distribution and management:

Water (pumping, treatment, monitoring)
Renewable Energy (solar, wind, water, geo, biomass)
Efficiency (smart metres, smart building, data)
Environment (recycling, carbon sequestration, emission control)
Energy Storage (electrical, chemical, thermal)
Electrical Vehicles & Charging

Business case

GPV’s customer with CleanTech operates in the field of monitoring and data acquisition within wind turbine applications and has worked with GPV for more than a decade. It is a box-build product, and the partnership enables the customer to shorten their time-to-market and to build and maintain fully functionally test equipment.

The partnership originated from one of GPV’s sites in Asia with a later production migration to Europe in order to secure proximity to a prime end-user of the finished products.


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