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Switzerland is home of GPV Electronics in Mendrisio, office facilities (including Product & Application Design) in Lachen as well as sales offices in Lyss and Baden.

Read more about GPV’s locations in Switzerland below.

GPV Electronics CH

GPV’s high-tech electronics manufacturing site in Mendrisio, Switzerland, is specialised in speed prototyping and series production. Moreover, the plant commands further EMS competencies, including test and after sales services. The plant was established in 1985.

  • 9,100 sqm production
  • 300 employees
  • Speed Prototyping
  • Series Production
  • Assembly, Final Assembly & Tests
  • Maintenance, Warranty & Re-engineering

GPV Switzerland SA
Via Pra Mag 6
6850 Mendrisio

Tel: +41 91 640 84 84

Product & Application Design CH / TH

In Lachen, Switzerland, GPV has office facilities that carry out central administration and management of the DACH locations in GPV. Moreover, the site supports customers with technical sales, strategic purchasing, NPI as well as innovative test and application development.

  • 25 employees
  • Test & Application Development
  • Process Orientated Customer Teams
  • Technical Sales & Strategic Purchasing
  • IPC-A-610, IPC-A-600, IPC7711-21, WHMA/IPC-A-620

GPV Switzerland SA
Alpenblickstrasse 26, P.O. Box 14
8853 Lachen

Tel: +41 55 451 79 20

Sales CH (L)

gpv sales ch office building in switzerland

The technical sales office in Lyss, Switzerland, takes care of technical sales and NPI as well as test and application development for local customers.

GPV Switzerland SA
Schachenweg 24
3250 Lyss

Tel: +41 32 387 91 11

Sales CH (B)

The sales office in Baden, Switzerland focuses on DACH region customer service, with strong commercial and technical expertise.

  • 16 employees
  • Customer Service
  • Business Development
  • Supply Chain
  • After Sales

GPV Switzerland (Nordic) AG
Office LAB
Haselstrasse 16
5400 Baden

Get in touch

Annalisa Guidi
Annalisa Guidi Electronics CH +41 91 640 84 35

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