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Fast Electronics Prototyping

Flexible and reliable PCBA prototyping service for rapid product development and innovation within the EMS industry.

PCBA prototypes made easy

GPV FastProto offers fast prototyping for your R&D projects, verifying full or partial product design functionality in a simple, cost-efficient way, helping you decide whether to continue development or move to production. What’s more, FastProto is a 24/7 service ready to use as often as you like, anywhere in the world.

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Always available

Make and track orders anytime. Our online tool gives you visibility to all your current and completed projects, simplifying your budget and project data management.

Save time and costs

Storing all project information in one place reduces administration time, component searching and project management.

Stand-alone service

Try it with no commitments or contracts. A flexible service for small batches, making it cost-effective for early R&D.

Secured data

Your confidential project data is safe with us. We protect your data with the latest technology and never share it with non-authorized persons.

Transparent information

Check material availability and see the fixed, project-based price before ordering. Our real-time information helps you make solid plans and budgets.

More than PCBAs

Wish to scale up or need additional services? FastProto is part of GPV’s integrated lifestyle services, so you can easily advance to the next steps of your project, with the same EMS-partner.

How does FastProto work?

Upload your design and data files

Securely upload your prototype’s eCAD data, Gerber files, BOM files and assembly drawings to our intuitive step-by-step FastProto web tool, which supports CAD file types and allows you to place orders independently.

Check material availability and total price

Review your components list and see item availability in our BOM editor. Mark the items as self-delivered if you want to send us your components or PCBs. Component and material costs, manufacturing, engineering, and logistics quoted before order placement. Our support staff will solve any problems concerning product availability or related issues.

Get your order by express delivery

After order placement, we source all materials, produce the PCBs, and ship the finished product via DHL’s worldwide express delivery. You can track the order progress whilst you wait. We also notify you via email. Once delivery is received, our tool will store your order details.

You can download or print this information at any time.

Get in touch

We are happy to help with questions or enquiries, and you are welcome to contact us.

Barbora Merkova
Barbora Merkova Specialist, Digital Customer Tools +421 905 218 068
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