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After Sales Services

Ensuring the extension of the lifetime of your electronic products, GPV aftersales offering covers a broad range of services to match your needs – from repair and maintenance to end-of-life management.

Apart from engineering and manufacturing services, we offer a wide range of services to strengthen your product in the market. We help you to define product maintenance cycles, tackle component availability issues, resolve obsolete technology design challenges, minimise breakdown occurrence risks, avoid downtime and to increase overall product lifetime – and at the same time saving the environment. So that you can focus on your core business.

Maintenance services

Preventive maintenance can help you avoid up to 30-40% of repairs. Preventive maintenance helps you to minimise the risk of breakdown occurrences and avoid downtime of your products.

Component feasibility analysis
Professional maintenance concepts
Maintenance work (cleaning, inspection, upgrades, tests and maintenance reports)
Professional maintenance sites with ultrasonic cleaning systems, optical inspection equipment and alternative test systems
Component consulting in case of delivery problems or discontinuation

Repair services

Infrastructure repair and testing upkeep
Component consulting in case of discontinuation
Professionally-equipped repair centres with ultrasonic cleaning systems, optical inspection equipment and state-of-the-art test systems
Extensive repair services (inspection, upgrades, maintenance, cleaning, testing and repair reports)

Spare part manufacturing services

Infrastructure maintenance and storage for production and testing
Production and testing upkeep for specific product data
Preserving know-how and technology for production and testing
Process-relevant data listing for quality control
Component consulting in case of unavailability or discontinuation
Logistic concepts development

Obsolescence management services

The lifecycle of electronic components is often shorter than the lifetime of their systems, and to address this challenge, the GPV Obsolescence Management for components ensures the availability and process capability of electronic components over the entire product lifecycle.

We have a standardised process for all your necessary actions, providing extensive insights to minimise business impact and obsolescence costs. Further component lifecycle-related trend predictions and risk observations help you focus more on core business operations, fulfil customer obligations, and guarantee product longevity.

Component advice
Procurement strategies
Delivery assurance and accuracy
Gathering information on planned component end-of-production dates
High-quality, controlled storage of critical components for long-term conservation
Reducing the complexity and effort of information handling any OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) has regarding component discontinuations.

End-of-Life Services

Waste Management
Management of Certification (discontinuation)
Data-Storage / Handover of Data & Parameters
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