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EMS Box-Build & System Integration

Box-Build & System Integration

Full EMS production capabilities from idea to finished product in retail packaging.

Based on GPV’s expertise from more than 60 years in the EMS industry, complimented with in-house mechanics and cable assembly capabilities, GPV is ready to handle the entire electronics manufacturing process.

We assist from the design and engineering stage, where our skilled professionals help tailor your EMS solution. From that point, GPV takes care of the rest, from sourcing components, conducting electronics manufacturing, performing assembling, finished off with packaging and labelling.

Woman in GPV Electronics - EMS Box-Build & System Integration

Production set-ups are tailored to complexity varying from simple assemblies to highly complex modules, systems, and equipment. At GPV, we consider these EMS box-build and system integration services, also known as mechatronics, as crucial for meeting our customers’ demand. Actually, we consider these our core services to set customers free to focus on new product and business development.

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