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Slovakia is home of four GPV production sites: GPV Cables SK and GPV Electronics SK (H), both located in Hlohovec and together offering cables assemblies, box-build, and electronics manufacturing. GPV Electronics (N) in Nova Dubnica offers high-volume electronics manufacturing. GPV Electronics SK (P) in Piestany opens in 2024. All sites are conveniently located, with easy access to both Bratislava and Vienna.

Read more about the locations in Slovakia below.

GPV Cables SK / AT

At the cable assemblies part of the Hlohovec plant in Slovakia, GPV offers an automated production of cable assemblies in large series in order to be a competent one-stop shop for customers in EMS. The plant was established in 2010.

GPV Austria Cable GmbH
Priemyselna 1187/1A
92003 Hlohovec-Sulekovo

Tel: +421 33 7353 799
Fax: +421 33 7357 30

GPV Electronics SK (H)

The electronics manufacturing site in Hlohovec, Slovakia, benefits from exceptional logistical conditions with a direct freeway junction and short distances to the airports of Bratislava and Vienna. Whether the demand is for PCBs, cable assemblies or equipment construction, the location in Slovakia is perfectly positioned to support our customers. GPV Electronics SK was established in 2012.

  • 3,000 sqm production & administration
  • 300 employees
  • ODM (Original Device Manufacturing)
  • Typical EMS-Services: PCB Assemblies in SMD & THT

GPV Slovakia s.r.o.
Priemyselna 1214
92003 Hlohovec-Sulekovo

Tel: +421 33 3214 000
Fax: +421 33 3214 009

GPV Electronics SK (N)

Manufacturing electronics since 1967 and joining the GPV network in 2022, GPV Electronics Nova Dubnica offers electronics manufacturing, along with prototyping and NPI, Box-Build and testing services. The manufacturing site is located in North-Western Slovakia, with easy access to both Bratislava and Vienna.

  • 17,000 sqm
  • 850 employees
  • EMS
  • SMT, THT, Box-Build and system assembly, Burn In and Lean as a part of daily business

GPV Slovakia (Nova) s. r. o.
Trencianska 19
01851 Nova Dubnica

Tel: +421 918 328 294
Fax: +421 42 3247 037

GPV Electronics SK (P)

In 2024, GPV opens a new electronics factory in Piestany, Slovakia. The factory is located in close proximity to the electronics factories in Hlohovec and Nova Dubnica. The factory will be a fully equipped electronics facility with state-of-the-art SMT, THT and Box-build capabilities.

The leased building comprises of a total of 18,000 sqm, and GPV will initially use 11,000 sqm for warehouse and production with the option of expanding further.

  • 11,000 sqm (with the option to expand to 18,000 sqm)
  • EMS
  • SMT, THT and Box-Build

GPV Slovakia (Nova) s. r. o.
Vrbovska cesta 8080
921 01 Piestany

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Miroslav Sagan
Miroslav Sagan Electronics SK +421 917 170 860

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