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Meet Jane Liu

Jane Liu

Managing Director

Years with GPV
I joined former Enics in 2005. Counting in all the years in Enics and GPV combined, I have been in the company for 18 years.

Business unit
GPV Electronics CN (B) and GPV Electronics CN (S)

I am responsible for two Operating Business Units (GPV Electronics CN (B), GPV Electronics CN (S)). My main areas of responsibility cover overview of business performance, operations, and financial results.

What do I do?
Working as Managing Director, I take responsibility for three Operating Business Units (OBUs) and the performance of these sites. I make sure all three OBUs have a capable management team, proactively working on site targets and taking ownership to fulfill KPIs. I set up targets, support the team, and work together with them to problem-solve and find the opportunities for improving.

What is special about working with GPV?
It is very exciting to be part of the GPV family. I like that the GPV values serve as a guideline for how we do business. Thinking global and acting local give us more responsibility to drive our business proactively from the local OBUs and align with the global strategy and one common way of working together. I am very proud to lead a dedicated team of colleagues in three OBUs with strong winning spirits.

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