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Handover of refurbished factory building

On 6 May 2024, Bjorn Fiskers, MD at GPV Electronics TH in Thailand and his team were handed the keys to our refurbished factory building, adding another 7,000 sqm to our current 15,000 sqm electronics factory. Our electronics factory in Thailand will comprise of a total of 22,000 sqm.

“We are very proud of our new additional capacity in our electronics factory. Now, the next step is re-layout of the existing production and the new area. We are eager to take the new building into use and to start serving our customers from the new facilities,” says Bjorn Fiskers, Managing Director at GPV Electronics TH and GPV Mechanics TH, both situated in the Bangkok area.

The refurbishment has taken place inside our previous mechanics factory, located in the same building as our electronics facilities, thus gathering the 22,000 electronics production under one roof. In 2023, we moved our mechanics production into a new factory building in close proximity to the electronics factory.

“With the handover of our refurbished factory building, we have taken yet another important step in strengthening our operational footprint and expanding our production capacity in Southeast Asia. The new production facilities will help us to meet our customers’ demands and continue to deliver high-quality products. I am proud of this great milestone and congratulate our team in Thailand,” says Bo Lybaek, CEO at GPV.

The building was handed over at a small handover ceremony with participants from the construction company RITTA represented by Executive Vice President Mr. Nut Vanichkorn and his team, CEO at GPV Group A/S Bo Lybaek, MD at GPV Electronics and GPV Mechanics Bjorn Fiskers, the local management team at GPV Electronics TH as well as GPV TH Project Manager Shuaib Mushtaq.

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