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Function and Site Engagement Meeting in Switzerland

Last week, the GPV Executive Leadership Team met with the MDs and local management teams from our German, Swiss and four Nordic Operating Business Units. The meeting was hosted by GPV Electronics CH in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

At the meeting, the Executive Leadership Team and local management discussed site status and challenges for the coming period including country specific implications, operational challenges as well as organisation and factory setup. On the agenda was also our updated strategy – M.O.R.E. 28 – and a tour around the production facilities of the hosting site in Mendrisio.

“This is the second year where we cluster our sites according to geographical location. Our Swiss, German and Nordic sites are clustered as our so-called proximity sites, i.e. sites facing similar situations and challenges. With a common point of reference, we have discussed successful initiatives, evaluated on obstacles, and further learned from each other. The meeting has been both productive and very inspiring, and it was a pleasure to meet our many dedicated people during our site tour in Mendrisio as well,” says Bo Lybæk, CEO at GPV.

Apart from Bo Lybæk, the entire Executive Leadership Team – CBO Thomas Kaiser, CFO Henrik Tornbjerg, and COO Martin Kjærbo – participated in the Site Engagement Meeting. In addition to the SEM, various Functions met with the ELT in Switzerland at what we call Function Engagement Meeting (FEM) earlier in the week.

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