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Taking responsibility for the environment

We work strategically with sustainability to the benefit of both planet and profits; supporting our customers’ ambitions all the way.

Driving down emissions

We are launching an ambitious effort to reduce GHG emissions, setting an intermediate target to reduce emission intensity by 50% by 2025. This initiative is in clear line with a decade of dedicated energy optimizations to reduce our energy consumption.

Solar powered sites

In 2022, we decided to install solar panel systems at our factories in Thailand and Sri Lanka. Due to a combination of business volume and local emission factors, the Asian units are the largest contributors to our overall GHG emissions.

We expect the solar panel systems to help reduce future GHG emissions by a substantial margin. In addition, the savings to be achieved are expected to outweigh the investments.

More comprehensive environmental agenda

We work strategically with sustainability and have initiated a process to map possibilities and initiatives that will form the foundation for achieving our long-term objectives of our climate and environmental efforts.

Our main focus is on managing and minimising waste in production and continually working on compliance with conflict minerals legislation and European chemicals legislation, the so-called REACH and RoHS regulations as well as other relevant legislation.

Read more about our ESG ambitions in our ESG reports.

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