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A Safe Place to Work

Safety at work is our number one priority. We value our colleagues and want to make sure that everyone returns home in the same condition as they went to work. To increase awareness on how we can prevent unsafe conditions, we launched a safety campaign during November 2023.

During the past two months, all Operating Business Units (OBU) have increased their focus on near miss reporting and safety walks.

We found a winner for the first two months of the campaign period. A big congratulations to GPV Mechanics DK, who has worked with great dedication to raise the safety awareness level and has had the highest rate of near miss reports per employee of all our OBUs.

The team in GPV Mechanics DK works with great dedication to raise their safety awareness level. They have recently introduced an app for easy near miss registration, which has led to a significant increase in employee registration as well as safety walks and weekly meetings about safety are fixed on the agenda.

Our achievement is truly a team effort. Everyone at GPV Mechanics DK has contributed to increase our level of safety awareness and has reported whenever they have found an unsafe condition or a near miss. I am very proud of my team, and we will continue our work with the same dedication to improve safety”, says Morten Skaarup, Managing Director at GPV Mechanics DK

Currently, we are at a good level with a Loss Time Injury Rate of 0.9, but we want to improve further and by 2028 reach an LTI rate of 0.7.

In GPV, we strive to provide a healthy and safe working environment for everyone. We achieve this by improving our behaviour, systems, and processes and by making safety a shared responsibility. We want safety to become a habit, not a hassle“, says Martin Kjærbo, COO at GPV and continues:

Our team in GPV Mechanics DK has done a great job to improve their number of near miss registrations and taking action on these reports. Congratulations to our team in GPV Mechanics DK with this great achievement!

All OBUs continue their work to raise the safety awareness level and to increase the number of near miss registrations.

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