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Meet Wawage Don Chathura Sandeep Fernando

Wawage Don Chathura Sandeep Fernando

Production Associate

Years with GPV
3,5 years

Business unit
EMC department, GPV Electronics LK

Handling Partial Discharge (PD) and Function machine

What do I do?
I check the resin status in the PD machine. Also, I make sure that coils inside the function machine are free of damages and ensure correct wire coils as well as correct assembling

What is special about working with GPV?
GPV provides me a platform to exhibit my talents and upgrade my skills in a very peaceful, but yet challenging environment. Also, I feel special, because every GPV employee is treated with respect, and if we have any, the management listens to our grievances in a very professional matter and acts upon them. This leads me to delivering the best to the company

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