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Site Engagement Meeting in Estonia

Last week, GPV’s Executive Leadership Team met with the local management teams from our Operating Business Units (OBUs) located in best-cost Europe, Mexico and Austria for the third and final Site Engagement Meeting (SEM) this year.

The meeting was hosted by Veiko Vaher, MD at GPV Electronics EE in Elva, Estonia, and gathered our electronics sites from Estonia, Mexico, and Slovakia as well as our cables sites from Austria and Slovakia. Apart from CEO Bo Lybaek, CFO Henrik Tornbjerg and COO Martin Kjærbo participated in the SEM.

“A recurring topic at this year’s Site Engagement Meetings is our updated strategy – M.O.R.E. 28, – where we have set ambitious targets to continue our strong growth journey. By clustering our OBUs facing similar challenges and opportunities, we create the best chances for them to share experiences, best practices, and discuss challenges across sites. During the last couple of days, we have discussed the next four quarters, engaged with, and learned from each other on the tasks that lie ahead in each of the participating OBUs. The meeting has been very productive, and it has been a pleasure to meet with our colleagues from Estonia, Austria, Mexico, and Slovakia,” says Bo Lybaek, CEO at GPV.

At all Site Engagement Meetings this year, our OBUs have been clustered in groups so that the OBUs facing similar opportunities and challenges can better share experiences, discuss challenges, and learn from each other on recurring topics across the sites.

Due to an increased demand for additional production in best-cost Europe, GPV is currently expanding with an additional electronics factory in Slovakia in close proximity to the two existing factories. The additional factory will strengthen the global footprint and is set to be ready for production in Q2 2024.

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