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A safe place to work

In November 2023, we launched a safety awareness campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to increase awareness around a safer workplace and to increase the number of near miss reports. As an employer, we are obliged to ensure a safe work environment. This requires proactivity from everyone to identify and eliminate potential risks.

The foundation for any successful business is a safe workplace. Through the last six months, we have had an intensified focus on near miss reporting to improve our behaviour, systems, and processes. Our target for 2028 is to have a loss time injury rate below 0.7, and we will only achieve this if we all contribute to improving our work environment”, says Martin Kjærbo, COO at GPV.

To raise awareness and increase employee involvement, we launched a safety competition in November 2023. Every second month, the Operating Business Units with the most near miss reports is rewarded for their preventive actions. A big congratulations to GPV Mechanics TH in Bangkok, Thailand, who has performed on a steady level over a long period of time.

Our achievement is a collective effort, and I want to thank my team for their proactive approach to continuously improving safety in our factory and to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for our colleagues”, says Bjørn Fiskers, MD at GPV Electronics TH and GPV Mechanics TH.

In general, there has been a huge improvement in near miss reporting on a group level, and we have seen dedicated efforts in our OBUs.

Now, we have reached a peak in our near miss reporting. We have during the last six months worked to integrate near miss reporting in our safety culture, and we continue to encourage everyone to report near misses when they experience them. Our safety culture is part of our One GPV DNA, meaning everyone should leave work in the same condition as they arrived in”, says Ville Pirilä, VP Quality and HSE at GPV.

Read more about the safety campaign here: People come first, therefore safety comes first

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